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Get the most reliable service on DICKEY-john Moisture Testers

Get the most reliable service on DICKEY-john Moisture TestersGet the most reliable service on DICKEY-john Moisture Testers



Grain Moisture Traceability Position:

Grain Moisture Traceability is committed to serving the Jacksonville, Illinois area. Grain Moisture Traceability a full service and grain moisture distributor of DICKEY-john Corporation – a division of TSI. Although Grain Moisture Traceability has a vast analytical of DICKEY-john products we have limited our efforts to providing the farmer, producer and grain elevators industry with the best moisture tester unit – and at the best price. 

Manufacture Integrity:

DICKEY-john products are made in the United States of America by local workers supporting the agriculture industry. It is based in Illinois and serves a worldwide market. DICKEY-john Moisture Testers are the most trusted name in the grain market. They have been in business since the mid-1960’s and have been the federal standard for moisture testing in the United States for over 20 years. 

Grain Moisture Traceability Integrity:

Bob Sadler – Owner of Grain Moisture Traceability has 30 years direct experience in DICKEY-john Analytical products and has been committed to service and sales support. He has been involved in the engineering, marketing, service, sales and customer support. He continues to serve the industry in providing new and used equipment while matching customer needs to the best application.