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Get the moist reliable service on DICKEY-john Moisture Testers


Offering Traceable Calibration on these units

Know your unit's Accuracy. 

Moisture Accuracy is too important to guess about!!!

  • GAC2500UGMA
  • GAC2500Agri
  • GAC2100 - All models
  • GAC2000
  • GAC500XT

These units will be calibrated to better than factory specifications and verified with multiple grains.



Elevator Managers – Grain Dealers

If you are not operating DICKEY-john Corporation® Moisture Testers- PLEASE READ NO FURTHER!

If on the other hand you are operating DICKEY-john Corporation moisture testers – CONGRATULATIONS – I would like to introduce myself. I am Bob Sadler. I have been involved with DICKEY-john Analytical products for over 25 years.

I am continuing to privately support DICKEY-john commercial and producer moisture testers. I am offering the following services.

  • Illinois      moisture and test weight certification (where applicable)
  • Standardization      of units on site within your grain facility
  • DICKEY-john      Authorized Service Center

 This service will assure you that your DICKEY-john moisture tester is accurate and traceable to the state and federal standards.

  • You can      know where your moisture accuracy is at
  • Maintain      your moisture tester to control your process
  • An      accurate moisture analysis is the first step in optimizing your profits

 If you would like a quote or to discuss further please call, email or text at:

Phone or text: 217-553-2196
Email: grainmoisture@outlook.com


GAC2500UGMA 5.4 Calibration’s Update August 2018

Loading Calibrations in GAC2500UGMA software 5.4


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